The Ship

Ships Crest These which were made in our very own Chippy’s Shop with plaster of paris in rubber moulds. I seem to remember that the paint brushes had very coarse hair.

Ships Motto ES NOSTRA VOCAMUS” (“We Claim The Deeds of our Ancestors”)
HMS Brilliant was the third of the new Type 22 frigates ordered by the Royal Navy and was built by Messrs Yarrow (Shipbuilders) Ltd at Scotstoun Glasgow.
Brilliant was launched in December 1978 by Mrs R J Daniel and accepted into service on the 10th of April 1981.
HMS Brilliant was the ninth Royal Navy ship to bear the name.

Her complement is 25 Officers 75 Senior Rates and 150 Junior Rates.
Displacement (tons)

3,500 Standard
4,400 Full Load

Dimensions (feet [metres])

430 x 48.5 [131.2 x 14.8]


2 R-R Olympus gas turbines
54,400shp = 29+ knots
2 R-R Tyne gas turbines
8,200shp = 18 knots (cruising)


2 x 40mm AA guns
2 x Sea Wolf systems (GWS 25)
4 x MM.38 Exocet
2 x triple ASW torpedo tubes (STWS)


2 Lynx

Brilliant in build Glasgow

History of HMS Brillaint


1976-sept           Ordered

1977-mar-25    Laid Down

1978-dec-16      Launched

1981-may-15    Commissioned

1981-aug-29      Port Viist              HMD Devonport Navy Days 1981

1982-apr-2          Deployment       Operation Corporate  Ordered to South Atlantic from exercise , leaving theatre on 23Jun1982 after                                                                              being relieved by HMS Broadsword.

1982-apr-22       Deployment        Operation Paraquat detached from main group to join Operation Paraquat to retake South Georgia

1989-jul-28         Deployment        HMD Devonport Navy Days 1989 present at Plymouth Navy Days.

1991-jan-15        Deployment        Persian Gulf  Armilla Patrol Departed Portland for Armilla Patrol duties, in company with HMS Exeter,                                                                           HMS Brave and RFA Brambleleaf  (and joined later by HMS Manchester), to relieve HMS Gloucester,

                                                                         HMS Cardiff and HMS Brazen on station.

1993-mar              Deployment        Dalmatian coast UNPROFOR escort for HMS Ark Royal in the Adriatic. Relieved HMS Broadsword                                                                                 and relieved by Hr.Ms Abraham Crijnssen c May 1993

1996                        Decommissioned

1996-aug 30       Fate                           Transferred to Marinha do Brazil as BNS Dodsworth       


History of F47   Dodsworth

1996-aug 31       Commissioned

2004-mar-11      Decommissioned

2012-jul                  Fate Scrapped     Aliaga Shipbreakers scrapped Turkey   



 Inspiration for model build.

Brilliant alongside in Rio Google Earth 2007

F47 Dodsworth Brazilian navy (Ex Brilliant) being robbed for spares Rio De Janeiro 

Photo Jonathan Harris Aqua Mercantile Ltd 

                                                           On our 30th Anniversary  HMS Brilliants last voyage from Rio to Turkey

                                                 13/3/12 14:13 4.9knts of the coast of Western Sahara ETA Las Palmas 17/3/12 

Photo Mr Petros Psarras                                             The old girl being dismantled Aliga Turkey