CMEM N (L) Reg Briers

The Original Rat Pack with Doc Jolly as guest 2007 Reunion in Torquay

Keeping the crew together for 25 years (for family members who don’t know Reg by sight he is the good looking chap on the right)


Post from Jimmy Green on the HMS Brilliant 1980-83 facebook page.

It is with a heavy heart that I write this post. I have been informed that CPO Reg Briers has crossed the bar whilst on holiday in Hawaii

Your laughter will be missed Reg RIP shipmate


Reply from Terry Sully
Sad news my memories of Reg and I meeting in the after passage putting the world to rights most days during the conflict, will stay with me forever, rest easy shipmate.

Jan Sully


Reply from Chris Latham

A true gent and one of the nicest, most helpful and genuine people I’ve ever worked with. Also, he was the man responsible for encourageing me to come to the Brilliant Reunions and bringing me back into the fold. Thank you Reg Rest easy shipmate.