SA Kirk Van Beer


I left the mob in February 1984. I started travelling (Hitch-hiking!) with a
back-pack, and ended up going around the world. I loved travelling on my own
with no-one to answer to save the law of whichever land I was in and my own
choices of what to do when! Twas a grand adventure!

In 1989 I found myself in Vancouver, BC (Canada!) and decided that I had had
enough travelling.

Not long after I that I got a decent job with the the Canadian government
and on Christmas Day 2000 I met my Lisa who is now my wife. In 2003 I moved
from Vancouver to Ontario and was fotunate enough to be able keep my job
with the Canadian government.

I don’t have any children. I have a great house on a decent sized piece of
property in a tiny town with neighbours who all have guns and dogs. We are
gettin’ our dog in the fall!….

Life is good!


Kirk with antiflash. Smoke pouring from HMS Sheffield