First Gunnery Sergeant Manuel Centeno Escuela de Operaciones

Corporal Manuel Centeno (Account of the firing of the exocet form the lorry trailer)


A marine in the Argentine Navy was a Corporal in 1982, Batallón de Artillería Antiaereahis.He was gun chief on an Oerlikon 30 mm antiaircraft cannon placed close to the Governors House as part of the flak system there.

He knew of the exocet located south of Puerto Argentino (Stanley) because of the first two failed shots in the beginings of June, so he was praying for some hit that forced the ships to stop night bombardments, just like everybody else because it was really annoying and demoralizing receiving fire and having no chance to return it.
During the night from 11 to 12 he saw the fire of the exocet as soon as it took place and (his words)”…I crossed my fingers asking for an impact, everybody got quiet trying to see something through the dark and then we saw the explosion behind the horizon, it was like the sun rising and we felt and incredibly happiness, everybody cheered and yell, it was unbelievable…”
Two days after that the war was over.
He is now in the ESOP, short for Escuela de Operaciones (English Operations School), got his promotion to First Gunnery Sergeant and says he felt no anger against you people, it was just the war.

                                     1975                                                               1981                                                  1983                                     1985

1975 Two years in Boot camp made Lance Corporal

1981 Batallón de Artiller’ia Antiaera

1983 Summer Corporal uniform including malvinas ribbon

1985 Instructing in the use of RBS 70 Training exercises in Baterias