AB(R) G MacLeod

An account of a dive to replace a stern marker buoy (1983) by G.MacLeod

The Gemini was loaded from the stern of HMS Brilliant with divers and diving equipment. A short trip to the remaining buoy marking the bow of HMS Antelope which lay in 25 meters of cold San Carlos water. Descended as a pair, the bow coming suddenly out of the gloom. 

Light sediment had already coated what was left of the upper deck. The gun pointed skyward in a last act of defiance. The bridge was just a shell, which disappeared into the melted-out depths of the ship. Mast and radar bent at an awkward angle.

Nothing remained of amidships but twisted burnt debris, regaining form again at the flight deck, which had a 4-inch crack running its length.

And to the stern and the job in hand to replace the stern marker buoy, all the time knowing that there were bodies, fallen sailors in a compartment just below us.

A Later Dive in 2002