A whole new set of Photographs from Malcolm (Sub Lt Malcolm Smith FDO 82) Dec 2010 Thank you

Photographs HMS Antrim Plymouth South Georgia 25th April,Lynx Sea Skua 3rd May, Refueling Lynx 342 Goalkeepin Hermes Cross Decking Troops 18th May, HMS Ardent 21st May (3), Flight Deck action stations 21st May,San Carlos Water 22nd May, Refueling from British Tamar 30th May Wardroom 20th June, Senior Rates 20th June, Post Surrender Lynx flight to Port Stanley (4) 23rd June


Operation Corporate The Carriage of nuclear weapons assembled by the task group for the Falklands campaign


Is this what our Lynx launched WE177A could have done ? (16/4/82 page)


WE177A, weighing 600lb, 112in long
and yielding either ½kt (for anti-submarine use) or 10kt

How Fast can a Lynx fly ? Above photograph is 8kT

Royals of the task force first addition a special guest to our 2012 30th Reunion Tony Green ex RM detachment Brilliant 84/85 and 8Trp Zulu Company 45 Commando April 1982

30th Anniversary page for details on upcoming event and easy payment scheme.

Thanks to Vic Grenville chappel for his photograph of Brilliant at South Georgia 24/4/82 page

Engineers Reunion 2011 Windsor

Mr (Ginge) Mark Offord Organiser of The Engineers Reuinon 2011 is deciding on a course of action no rush, details to be posted some time later.

Thanks to Graeme for a great weekend in Gib

The weather was glorius apparently there had only been three days of good weather since Christmas.

Lessons learned

Dolphins do not eat white bread but mullet do

Barbary apes eat lolipops

The average age of the remaining garrison on Gib is now 75

Zens Chinese restaraunt over the border learnt that all that you can eat and drink for £18 meals are inappropriate for ex stokers if they wish to make a profit.


Mac Holden D84 HMS Brilliant WW2 Thank you

A comprehensive account of Macs career in the Royal Navy including his time spent on board HMS Brilliant (The Ship Page)

17/01/10 Nobby G HMS Glasgow thank you

Recording over ships tannoy of skyhawk attack at http://royalnavymemories.co.uk/my-falklands-war/comment-page-1/#comment-87

Picture taken off our flight deck of Skyhawk bombing Glasgow 04/05/82-17/05/82 Diary pages

Argentinian account of attack 04/05/82-17/05/82 Diary pages

Engineers Reunion 2010 Gibralter

It is with some trepidation that we announce the organiser of the engineers reunion 2010 Grame Land

Dept Gatwick 10:00 Fri 12th March

Arrive Gibralter 13:50

Depart Gibralter 15:10 Sunday 14th march

Arrive Gatwick 17:05

At this time dress code is unknown

A big thank you to Dixie and Genene for organising Engineers Reunion in Liverpool 2009

The Hotel was housing a Rugby tour including a team from Argentina luckily our tshirts were not war specific this time. I would not mind having a go at some solo sailing but the boat we found in the docks

Athelon at 21 ft was to my mind a little too small being only 5 ft longer than my sailing dinghy. She did two transatlantic crossings. The hotel also supplied and catered to a variety of tastes Junior was approached

by a couple of girls on a hen night and well the rest of us had to make do with Burt.










Announcing the Engagement of the Captain's son Simon Coward to the Jimmy,s daughter Sarah Louise Hulme

To capture the moment when on Tuesday 22 September in the middle of Monaco's Harbour - at the height of the annual Boat Show Simon proposed to Sara-Louise the attached photograph records that she said Yes!



Commitee Member Nick Spayne London Marathon 2009

It was an absolute beeze, walk in the park, beautiful day stopped off to chat on the way round and managed a creditable 1hr 52 minutes

Well what he actually said when asked if he was advertising Pussers Rum by dressing up as a bottle "I survived despite the heat I felt I could crawl inside a rum bottle".




Les needs our help

You may remember all the info he supplied to us during the 25th Anniversary

Over 400 names were received by ‘The Coast 106FM’ Radio Station for “A Great Citizen Award” of which Three (3) Finalists have been selected for The Portsmouth Area. Apparently a few nominations were forwarded proposing Les because of his dedication to fundraising for worthy causes during the past 36 years and support of organisations e.g. The Falklands Veterans Foundation (FVF), Royal Naval Writers’ Association (RNWA) plus the local community but to name a few of the dozens of things that were mentioned that he has supported and the £M’s he’s help raise!

I am very proud to say that today, Saturday 18th April in ‘The News’ (the local newspaper – pages 10 & 11 with details and pictures) and on The Coast Radio it was published and announced that LES is one of the finalists!

Between now and 4pm Thursday 23rd April, Les requires to obtain as many votes as possible for him (and for me to accompany him hence my plea) to be in with a chance of winning a week to live the life of a millionaire 28.05.09 – 04.06.09 “Cruise The Coast”

So if you consider yourself a true friend of Les, or a current or past colleague, or someone who has attended one of the many charitable functions that Les has arranged or organised irrespective of what fundraising event it was for, then please take just two minutes of your time to vote for him, either by:-

1. NO COST VIA ONLINE – www.thecoast106.com - see “Cruise The Coast” - enter and click on here to vote under the Portsmouth Area section for Les. On the home page, the header is above the British Gas section – or cut and paste

http://www.thecoast106.com/cruise-the-coast--how-to-vote-509393 or

2. CALL 08456 539106 - Press 3 – Portsmouth Area, then Press 3 voting for Les (calls will cost BT local rate from BT landlines).

I, on behalf of Les, Thank You For Your Co-operation and Anticipated Support and please forward this email onto anyone else who you think knows Les who might vote for him!

2005 prove d to be a very successful year in awards and recognition bestowed upon LES HEYHOE , the FVF 's Fundraising & Events Manager.

During the past 30 years Les has successfully raised over £10,000,000 (Ten Million Pounds) for a multitude of local and national charities as well as charities abroad, in particular Children Of The Gambia ( www.childrenofthegambia.com ) where he and his wife Lyn (The FVF 's Treasurer/Secretary) have frequently visited since 1994




Reunion 2009 at the Livermead Hotel Torquay

few dits flying round, Royals not only good at taking the tops off beer bottles.

It came off in my hand Chief!
The safety protocols had been overridden on the sea wolf magazine lift, I shouted down can I call the lift yet? the reply (allegedly) was not yet, but I thought I heard YES, therefore I called the lift knocking the nose section off a partially loaded seawolf missile! O well it's a big firm I thought as we had to throw a £50000 missile overboard!

No Names ?

Shipmate Andy's Great Tribute Band. Thank you to you and the girls for the entertainment.

Spot the celebrity was won by ?



Thanks to MEM(M) Andrew Devonoport HMS Hermes 82 HMS Brilliant 83

Links page photos and bluey, Account of ditching of Sea King 04/05/82

HMS Brilliant Brazil 83

Unfortunately for me, I didn't record any events of those three months, save a few pictures and I regret this. All the 'action stations' have merged into one now. But like most people I will never forget the feeling of uselessness on watching the Conveyor burn and the helo's buzzing around, lighting the place up contrary to the darken ship state we had been so used to.
Or the pity I had for all the survivors we took from the Sheffield and how 'lost' they were. My mate 'Taff' Thorne and I whilst doing DC party patrol came across a lad who was so obviously a survivor, covered with bandages and wearing ragged no 8's. We could see he was lost (Taff & I thinking 'big ship' routine), but he just tried to get past us saying 'I need to girt back onboard!!' (referring to Sheff?!)


Some More Great Crew Photographs from Simon Stearman (Acknowledgments Page, 22/5/82 ,1/6/82 )

Barts Wedding Thank you to Simon Stearman

Some Great Crew Photographs from Stuey (Acknowledgments Page)

Thank you to Stuey PO(M) Stuart AR posted on Acknowledgment's Page

Sad loss of an old shipmate


"It is with great regret we have to report the sad loss of Terry Bryant (ex AB(RP)) who unfortunately sufferred a heart attack and left us last Friday 3 Oct 2008. Terry joined the ship on her return from the Falklands in 1982. He was medically discharged from the RN later when diagnosed with cancer. He leaves behind a partner and 4 small children. His funeral will be held at The Basingstoke Crematorium on Friday the 17th October 2008 at 2pm. A small delegation will represent the ship and a wreath will be laid in honour of a lost shipmate.

Wartime record of old Brilliant (Ship page)


Thank you to Gordon Smith www.naval-history.net and Lt Cdr Geoffery Mason RN Retired for the Service History of D84 This website is also one of the best for researching your naval ancestors. It also contains a Falklands war timeline.


Harry gets his medals back

Asian News 3/ 7/2008

A VETERAN Royal Navy sailor has been reunited with his stolen military medals - marking the end of a five-year detective mission by an Australian cop.

Harry Boota, of Heywood, Rochdale, earned the medals serving as a Chief Petty Officer in the Falklands and the Gulf.

He was so proud of them that when he opened the Tandoori Nights restaurant in Heywood he hung them above the bar for all to see - but he was devastated when they were taken in a burglary in 2002.

Now, six years after the medals went missing, they have been returned to him by an collector who bought them on an internet auction site.

Harry, 52, who works as an IT engineer, said: "I can't believe I have got them back after all this time.

"I was just resigned to the fact that I would never see them again, but to get them back has left me speechless. I will never be able to thank this man enough."

Australian Steve Collins collects military memorabilia and likes to research the history of his treasures.

After buying the three medals - one awarded for long service, one for the Falklands and one for the Gulf - Steve tried to find out who they belonged to.

The inscriptions had been removed after the medals were stolen - all Steve had to go on were the letters `ill' on one medal and `oot' on another.

Despite having so little to go on, tenacious Steve was determined to find out more.
He painstakingly went through every ship in the Navy searching for the letters `ill' and found the only match was HMS Brilliant. Then he was able to match the `oot' to Harry's surname, with the help of staff on HMS Brilliant.

This week Harry received the medals in the post from Steve, who had even replaced the ribbons and mounted them on a small board.

Harry, who served aboard HMS Brilliant in the Falklands and HMS Battleaxe in the Gulf, now plans to send Steve a special medal marking the 25th anniversary of the Falklands conflict. He said: "This man really deserves a medal himself."

Engineers Reunion Plymouth 2008

Great reunion in Plymouth this year for the engineers. Many thanks to Louise and Corky for organizing the event. Limousine for the girls. Visit to a pole dancing club pretending to be Booty,s for the boys (accompanied) .Thanks to Dixie for the T shirts worn on an Avondale run.I never thought I would see the day when my wife would walk through Witherspoons wearing an illuminated fluffy halo .


Reunion 2009 Livermead Hotel Torquay

2009 REUNION Friday 27TH _ Sunday 29th March


Yes it's that time again! Just when we thought everything was organised for the smooth turnover to the new Committee, the owner sold the Belgrave Hotel!!!

The good news is that we have secured the services of a great hotel; the Livermead House Hotel, just along from the Belgrave, with ample accommodation and parking.
The accommodation allocation will be handled by the committee. Therefore it is imperative that you provisionally book your room with us ASAP, with a deposit of £15 pppn (per person per night). Full payment will be due 4 weeks before the function. Upgrades will be £5pppn for the better sea view rooms.

Costs as follow, per person:-
1. Fri 27th - Sunday 29th = £130
2. Sat 28th Banquet + B&B = £72.50
3. Sat 28th Banquet only = £30
4. Extra nights, Dinner B&B = £40


To gauge numbers attending and to assist in the planning, can ALL attendees complete and return the following slip to Nick/Julie Spayne, 12 Queen St, Dawlish, Devon EX7 9HB. Tel:

Forenames (yourself and your partner)…………………………………………………………
Post Code……………………………………………………………………………………….
Telephone Number………………………………………Mobile………………………………
Email address…………………………………………………………………………………...
Number of people attending…………………………………………………………………….
Please state if Vegetarian or Vegan……………………………………………………………..
Total amount……………………………………………..Signed………………………………


The new committee voted in at the 25th Anniversary weekend is as follows:
Steve (Taff) Tinney
Dave (Bill) Oddy
Nick Spayne
Julie Spayne
Wilf (Nobby) Hall
Harry Boota

If you would like to spread the costs of the week-end over the next months by paying by standing order or paying by instalments of any amount, whenever you wish, please contact Julie Spayne at the contact details above to make arrangements.
If Paying by Cheque please make payable to HMS Brilliants Reunion Fund
The event will be similar to previous Reunions but possibly with the addition of dancing/music. This will depend on funding - if you are able to assist in the finances through Corporate Funding or a Donation please contact us.

Taff Tinney 25 years on

Taffs account of the London march and reception. On the here and now page

Found HMS Brilliant

Since retirement, frigate Dodsworth is moored at the Base Naval do Rio de Janeiro (Rio de Janeiro Naval Base), located at Mocanguê Island, inside Guanabara Bay, here in Rio. It has of course been stripped of electronic equipment, ets., which has been stored in suitable places ashore. Besides, it has also been used as a source of spare parts for the remaining three Type 22s. Since she has been put into reserve, there is the theoretical possibility that in someday may be returned to service, but I believe that this is a very, very unlikely proposition.

Hoping that this information is useful for you, I remain,


Mario Roberto Vaz Carneiro

EDITOR - Segurança & Defesa

Photo with thanks to Mario Roberto taken Oct 2005

SAMA 82 contingent at the Armistice Day Parade in London

Shipmates All,
just a quick note to say thanks for an excellent weekend. It was good to see you all again and I hope that we do so again soon. I am, each November, the lone Brilliant in the SAMA 82 contingent at the Armistice Day Parade in London. I would be very pleased if more of you could get down to the smoke for this 25th Anniversary. SAMA veterans are leading the parade this year. SAMA has a standing arrangement, through the Comptroller, with the Union Jack Club, where we have a bar to ourselves and a buffet lunch laid on. This is a ticket event and these can be purloined from SAMA at Newport.
As a final note; we were all very sad to hear of the death of Will Corin.
Yours Aye,






"Left Left Right Left Left No No Right Right Left " Thanks to Des for Keeping up with their changes

SAMA Reception 25th Anniversary of the Falklands

I was one of the few to attend the reception after the Ceremony. I managed to meet Prince Andrew along with Landy and John Dixon, it was a very brief encounter as we were not on his list, if it had not been for a quick change step, side step and one pace forward by Landy we would never have got that far (something Landy and John seem to have got weighed off to a fine art after meeting up with most of the VIP's).
To be honest I was a little disappointed at the way it was organised. There were five VIP's : HRH, Tony Blair, Maggie Thatcher, Prince Andrew and Prince Michael of Kent and yet as far as I know very few off the Brilliant were presented to any of them, I did try to meet HRH but was informed that he was being introduced to the Committee Members and to wait, needless to say HE never had the chance to say hello to an old shipmate (severed together on Jupiter).
I would have thought that we would have been in groups ie Brilliant here, 3 Para there, whoever in the corner etc, etc, and at least one V I P visiting each group but it was not to be.
However it was an honour and a privilege to have been invited to mingle with Royalty and the Powers That Be after a very Emotional and Proud day.
I would just to take this opportunity to say a big thanks to all the lads who managed to get there and make it a day to remember and look forward to the next one.

Yours Aye


Andy and Charles...................................................................Graeme and Tony,"did he get a fridge magnet ? "

Thank you to Colin, Laon and all the Committee for organising the Brilliant contingent of the march as Ginge said "a very moving day", the camaraderie and intership rivalry still there. I did think there was going to be a riot when shouts of late again accompanied the late arrival of a couple of lads off the Bristol forming up in front of us , comments about the South African star may not have been helpful either.

Whilst in Horse guards it was not easy for the guests to pick out there loved ones since they were seated on the other side of the Parade ground and as was pointed out by one of the girls one bald head looks like another. Marching, well I thought we did really well, however the gi's in the photo above obviously had not synchronised their watches or they had decided that in front of the cameras the quick two step would look impressive. The Royals did show there approval of our technique with whistles and comments. Thanks to Mike for organising the Civil Service club to meet up in, close to where we needed to go and good food.

I did ask my son which part of the day he most enjoyed and he said the trip to Hamleys and being presented with a Regimental crest by an Irish Military policeman at the civil service club, but he was proud to wear his name badge with HMS Brilliants crest on.

Looking forward to the next reunion, info to follow on the new committee.

Cheers Bill

Where do I begin, it all started for me and our family when Taff informed us that HMS Brilliant was going south because of a problem with Argentina, nobody was too worried at that stage, then on the TV we started to hear lots of different things going on, even now we were still not too worried, then all hell seemed to brake loose and the rest as they say is history. When the Brilliant arrived back at Plymouth all the families were on the dockside to welcome the lads back home, and everyone was so proud of the job they did against all the odds stacked against them, it was when Taff was showing me around the ship that I started to realize what the ship and the crew really went through, and that memory will stay with me forever, to say that the crew of HMS Brilliant and all the other ships were very brave would in my mind be an understatement.
When Taff asked me if I would like to go with him to London for the 25th march I jumped at the chance. I did not know what to expect, Taff said not to worry but I still did, as an outsider I was feeling a bit out of place, we both sorted ourselves out in our hotel and went just around the corner to the Civil Service Club, as soon as we walked through the door Taff's face was a picture as he was welcomed with open arms, he then introduced me to all the boys and then I relaxed, it was if they had known me for years, I truly was made to feel as if I was one of the crew, and for that I was really grateful, the beer was flowing and the stories were coming thick and fast and I was loving every minute of the whole thing, Taff and me ended the evening upstairs having a very nice meal with Dave Swift and Reg Briers and their lovely ladies.
On the Sunday when we all found our seats and the different groups of personal started to march into Horse Guards Parade a great sense of pride was felt by all and there was lots of tears and cheers all around me, (I'm not saying which group I was in). The film show and all the speeches brought back a lot of memories for everyone and the young lady that sang; who lost her dad, I thought was so brave to do that.
After the march went down The Mall we made our way to the marquee in St James's Park to meet the Royal guest, on my way I happen too meet an elderly American couple who said to me how proud I must be to be British, and I really was, they wished everyone good luck. When in the marquee I enjoyed the whole thing, I'm not in any of the pictures because I was the one behind the camera, I think a good time was had by all.
When we later arrived back at the club the drinks started to flow just like the night before, someone made Dave Swift's wife a paper hat and we all had a great laugh about that. For me the weekend was a really great success and I'm glad that I took-up Taff's offer and my warmest thanks go out to all those that made me so welcome, you all know who you are and I hope to meet you all again someday.

Godbless you all
Junior ( Taff Tinney's brother-in-law)


With Thanks to Jed Stone for Photographs

Tense moments in the stokers mess Speak no evil, See no evil, Eat no evil

Stenna Seaspread 29/05/82, San Carlos Water 22/05/82

More Interest in Commemorative Medals

“Shipmates,Hello All,

There appears to be more interest in the above, and I am being asked if I have any spare medals.
The answer is NO, but if there is enough interest I will see what I can do, however Tower Mint have already said there is a minimum requirement of 50 medals plus a one off payment of £60 for the Crest.
So people unless I can get the 50 it won't happen, therefore please contact me asap with your orders and I will chase it up and get back to you.
In the mean time I will see if Tower Mint will change their mind on the numbers.

Regards Taff



Marching Brilliants


Well we are just about there. I hope that you have all received your entry tickets together with the official bumph that you require. This e-mail is to confirm what has been arranged by Dave Swift, Mike Wattam and myself (in consultation with the CO and XO).

Meeting Points

Mike Wattam (ex-RO) has arranged for us to use the Civil Service Club (CSC) Saturday evening, Sunday lunchtime (before the event) and Sunday evening (from about 1700 after the commemoration event). You should all have informed Dave, Mike or myself by now if you intend to use this very convenient facility.

The CSC is located at 13-15 Great Scotland Yard (look at a map of London and you will notice that this is actually a street and not a building). From Trafalgar Square , proceed down Whitehall towards Westminster . After about 100yds, turn left into Great Scotland Yard. The CSC is 50yds on your left.

Quite a few people intend to use the CSC as an initial muster point before the parade. This is ideal for a snack and refreshments. BUT please do abstain from alcohol and even too much tea/coffee (caffeine) intake as we are going to be standing around / marching for a good 2-3 hours afterwards and we don’t want to embarrass ourselves by walking off halfway through looking for a toilet (or even worse, not reaching one in time!) This also applies to WAFUs.

Dress Code

As it is a ‘Royal Occasion’ and a National televised Event, dress standards are unsurprisingly expected to be high. The invitations say:

Gentlemen - Lounge suits.

Ladies - Day Dress.

Veterans – Blazer (headgear ie beret, optional).

You can decide for yourselves which of the above you are! I am really not sure what the difference is between ‘Gentlemen’ and ‘Veterans’. It could mean that the civvies who served in the war (eg NAAFI staff, laundry crews, Merchant Navy etc) are not officially veterans and are expected to wear suits. However, it might also mean officers should wear suits (I don’t think so myself, but we are dealing with Royal protocol and the Army here) so as a guide to other officers, the CO, XO and I will be wearing suits. I understand that most ex-ship’s company will be wearing a blazer, but do wear a suit if you prefer. Medals should be full size and not miniatures. Don’t forget your BRILLIANT name tallies! I have been asked to point out that the CO is having his haircut especially for the day (I had what’s left of mine cut today Sir!!).

Not everyone is attending the CSC before the form-up. So we propose that all MARCHING BRILLIANTs will meet up at the junction of Whitehall and Great Scotland Yard at 1:45pm. From there it is a short walk to the official form up point.

But don’t forget to allow plenty of time to ensure that your guests reach their seats on HGP in good time. The entrance points for guests are in your instructions and they are a good 10 min walk from where we will be meeting up.

The Bottom Line

We all know that we have to form-up in Horse Guards AVENUE on Sunday afternoon (it’s just off Whitehall - do not confuse with Horse Guards ROAD which is behind Horse Guards Parade!!). We must arrive in Horse Guards Avenue BEFORE 2:15 pm. We mustn’t arrive later than this because of security checks etc. Details came with your tickets.

By the way, we also now understand that we will be marching in Units and that there will be signs with ship names indicating where we should ‘get fell in’. So if all else fails – meet us there!

Finally, don’t forget your entry tickets, a small bottle of water and bring some additional photo ID for yourselves and your guests.

See you all there!”





Thanks to Jimmy Bond (HMS Glasgow )

L.W.E.M. (R) Jimmy Bond D165007X
3P Mess
H.M.S. Glasgow

Account of attack 12/06/82


Marching Brilliants

Photographs with thanks to Paul Yockney (Freelance Western Morning News photographer flew out to us on the way in to Plymouth)

Morning Marching Brilliants 1-12,

You should have received or will receive in the next couple of days your tickets and info for the Parade on 17 Jun and separately your name Tallies from the 'Jimmy'. What Colin and I need now, ASAP as time is running short, is who will be attending the Civil Service Club (CSC), which Mike Wattam has kindly arranged for us to use. The club is situated close to the event and is central (Old Scotland Yard, Whitehall (100yds from Trafalgar Square)), there is a bar (which Mike assures us is the cheapest for drinks in the area) and bar food is available. Mike needs to have an idea of numbers attending for each session (see below) to arrange the right number of bar staff and provide a guest list for each session, which you will have to tick your name off on entering.

The Club will be available for use as follows:

Sat from lunchtime onwards.
Sun from completion of the parade (1630-1730) onwards (This is because not all are being invited to the SAMA82 reception in Green Park on completion of the parade, and it is only planned to last an hour or so. Those selected to attend, which we have been told are some from each ship/regiment/squadron will be notified by SAMA82 separately). Therefore the CSC will be the ideal place to muster on completion of the parade and those who get to attend the reception can join the rest of us later if they wish.

It has also been proposed that we use the CSC principally as a muster point, prior for the parade on the Sun, there will be the normal facilities available, bar and food, however it has suggested that we stick to Tea, Coffee and soft drinks etc, bearing in mind that we are going to be on parade for 2-3 hours, and if anyone is going to embarrass themselves and their unit, it will not be one of the 'BRILLIANT' Platoon.

So what we need now is your names and which sessions (ASAP) if any you are going to attend, we already have your guests names, if you are bringing guests from the name tally list so do not bother including those. When you reply to this email please ensure you include Colin Tozer as an addressee as well as me, as I will be away from my computer for couple of weeks as of the 24 May (but hopefully you will have all replied by then).

Sir John Coward, Lee Hulme, Colin Tozer, Chris Sherman, Rod Morris, Reg Briers, Dave Swift, Jeremy Parker, Alan Geaney, Mark Offord, Tony Smith, Bernie Mackin, Dave Bunker, Terry Fitzgerald, Dick Kirby, Mark Capitano, William Hall, John Dixon, Chris Latham, Ian Dudley, Ian Poole, Dez Desmond, Duncan Spence, Chris Birch, Mike Wattam, Steve Rossi, Cliff Tancock, Steve Tindale, Dave Shutt, Graeme Land, Richie Doyle, Mike Falcon, Dave Oddy, Taff Tinney, Nick Spayne, Mick Meadows, Jed Stone, Eddie Howe, Jack Russell, Dennis Keightley, Rod Evans, Tim Reynolds, Andy Laddams, Bob Wilkinson, Pat O'Hara, Norman Elmer, Harry Boota, Shady Lane, Bill Bailey, Nick Butler, Simon Francis, John Boore, Geroge Strachan,Keith WilsonPete Parry, Roger Rose, Sean Tully, Dave Turner (58).

Well that's it for another 'BRILLTEM', do not forget to get the Medals & Shoes out and give them a good polish 'one- one two'.

All the Best Dave 112.



With Thanks to Laon for his Diary extracts

Informed views and accounts by our First Lt

(29/04/83 30/04/82 02/05/82 03/05/82) all in 04/05/82-17/05/82 section

21/05/82 18/05/82-21/05/82

24/05/82 25/05/82 26/05/82 22/05/82-26/05/82


June 17th March 50 of our crew so far are ticket holders, cut off date for applications 30th April


Closing Date

The official closing date for receiving applications is 30 April 2007.

Applications for those Veterans wishing to attend the event who require seats for either themselves or guests will continue to be taken after 30 April but these will be placed on a reserve list.

Applications from Veterans who wish to march but with no seating requirements will continue to be accepted and processed after 30 April and tickets allocated for marching.

Only those successful in their applications will receive notification of ticket allocation by 30 May 2007. Tickets are due to be issued Mid May 2007.



01253 330561(UK Only)
+44 1253 330561 (Overseas)
Email: tracy.shepherd@spva.gsi.gov.uk

The Service Personnel and Veterans Agency Free Helpline will be able to help with any problems.

Veterans Free Helpline
Free: 0800 169 2277 (UK only)
Free: 0800 169 3458 (Minicom UK only)
+44 1253 866043 (Overseas)

St James Park, London - 5:30 pm - 17TH JUNE 2007
[Hosted by SAMA (82)]

Info on Veterans Reception
The list of invitations to The Falklands Veterans Reception has now been finalised. Unfortunately, like all other Commemorative events during the week 14th - 17th June 2007, we are very severely restricted by numbers.

A cross section of Veterans (and their wives/partners if applicable) from those who applied for tickets through The Veterans Agency, have been selected and Invitations will be sent out to those in the next two weeks.

It has always been the intention to get as many Veterans as possible to this Reception and the selection team, with few exceptions, did not include anyone who has been invited to a previous event during this particular week.

Only those Veterans who show their Official Invitation Card and whose names appear on the list of those invited will be admitted.

Tony Davies
Chairman SAMA (82)



50 of our crew so far are ticket holders, cut off date for applications 30th April

Leaving ship Ascension on way home (Photo Bill)

For information and aplication forms go to : http://www.veterans-uk.info/falklands25/falklands25.html


The 25th anniversary of the Falklands Campaign will be commemorated across 8,000 miles and five time zones, in London and the Falkland Islands on Sunday 17 June 2007.

This will be a high impact visual event on Horse Guards Parade and will include a traditional “Drumhead” ceremony and march past. Central to this event will be the personal recollections of veterans and Islanders as they tell their stories in their own words. Senior members of the Royal Family will be in attendance and there will also be live TV coverage of this event on the BBC.

This event will be followed by a parade of veterans and their modern day service counterparts up The Mall to Buckingham Palace to witness a fly past of aircraft from the Falklands era as well as some of those flown by the same squadrons today.

Space in the audience at Horse Guards Parade will be limited, and it is hoped that as many as possible of the campaign’s veterans will be able to attend. If demand for tickets is high they will be allocated in priority order:

Holders of the South Atlantic Medal (1982) and war widows;
Other widows and families; and
Others, both civilian and military, who were associated with the conflict
The organisers will endeavour to ensure that as many South Atlantic Medal (1982) holders attend as possible. If necessary they will issue tickets to allow medal holders to march even if tickets are not available for their guests in the stands, however all ticket applications should be made as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Please note that for security reasons, access to the Horse Guards Parade Event will not be permitted for anyone who has not formally applied for tickets, either for marching or seating.

Children will not be admitted to this event without a ticket, and must be allocated a seat. This event is unsuitable for buggies.

Please see the official Falklands 25 website at www.falklands25.com for further details about commemorative events taking place 14-17 June 2007

Closing Date
The official closing date for receiving applications is 30 April 2007.

Only those successful in their applications will receive notification of ticket allocation by 30 May 2007. Tickets are due to be issued Mid May 2007.


You may post or fax your completed form to Service Personnel and Veterans Agency.
Another option is to download the form, complete it electronically, save the form and return to Service Personnel and Veterans Agency by email.

If you wish you may apply in writing to;

Service Personnel and Veterans Agency, Room 6108, Thornton-Cleveleys, Lancashire, FY5 3WP

01253 330561(UK Only)
+44 1253 330561 (Overseas)
Email: tracy.shepherd@spva.gsi.gov.uk

The Service Personnel and Veterans Agency Free Helpline will be able to help with any problems.

Veterans Free Helpline
Free: 0800 169 2277 (UK only)
Free: 0800 169 3458 (Minicom UK only)
+44 1253 866043 (Overseas)



Tower Mint Commemorative medal

The Tower Mint has produced this commemorative medal to mark the 25thAnniversary of the Falklands War.
This 22ct gold plated medal is 45mm in diameter and is presented in agilded presentation case. The obverse depicts the Falkland Islands and their
coat of arms together with the dates marking the 25th anniversary. The reverse of the medal has images from all three services.

For more information or to order please e-mail sue@towermint.co.uk or
Tel: 0207 733 7268

Yours sincerely,Sue Campbell

Tel:01752 492733
Mob: 07855561407
E-Mail tinneybem@aol.com

A minimum of 50 medals are required to make this work.

All personnel wishing to purchase a medal (as described on the Web Site/ Letter) are required to send me a cheque for £13. This cost covers the cost of the Medal £5.50 + vat, plus the one off payment of £60 for the Ship's Crest to be put on the Presentation Box, P&P, Stamps , Envelopes, Stamps, Telephone Calls etc,etc. Plus a little for the fund. Note( I've been advised to round the price off to £15 which will make things easier and give us more for the fund). However I do accept that certain people will be able to pick the medal up from my home, therefore I will leave it up to you to decide how much you wish to donate to the fund. Also if I get them in time I will bring them up to London for those on the March.

Medals are available on the internet for £15 but ours will be unique with the Crest.

Those interested please make cheque payable to 'HMS Brilliant Reunion Fund' and send it to me at the above address. THE CHOP DATE IS 20th May 2007, any cheque that arrives after that date will be unlucky.

I will endeavour to send the medals on as quickly as possible.

I hope there is enough interest to get at least a total of 50 medals, as a lot of work has gone into this, just getting this far. Your support is required to enable us to get something rather special as well as making some money for the Fund.

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours Aye


Tel:01752 492733
Mob: 07855561407
E-Mail tinneybem@aol.com




11/04/07 Ships Company march update (Thanks Colin)

Here is the list of attendees for the London March:

Sir John Coward, Lee Hulme, Colin Tozer, Chris Sherman, Rod Morris, Reg Briers, Dave Swift, Jeremy Parker, Alan Geaney, Malcolm Smith, Mark Offord, Tony Smith, , Bernie Mackin, Dave Bunker, Paul Jackson, Terry Fitzgerald, Dick Kirby, Mark Capitano, William Hall, John Dixon, Chris Latham, Ian Dudley, Ian Poole, Dez Desmond, Duncan Spence, Chris Birch, Mike Wattam, Steve Rossi, Cliff Tancock, Steve Tindale, Dave Shutt, Graeme Land, Richie Doyle, Mike Falcon, Dave Oddy, Taff Tinney, Nick Spayne, Mick Meadows, Jed Stone, Eddie Howe (41).

A few of the above are ‘subject to work’ and successful applications etc. But it is pretty up to date and I think we should assume all will be there. One or two others at the reunion suggested they were coming (ie Harry Boota) but haven’t informed anyone, so we might have a few more on the day.

“All ex-HMS Brilliant ship’s company (1982) are invited to gather in the Civil Service Club, Old Scotland Yard, Whitehall (100yds from Trafalgar Square) from lunchtime onwards on Saturday 16th June for drinks. On entering, tick your name off at reception and join the others in the bar! Bar food is available.”

Any more coming please contact Colin tozers@wanadoo.fr

New names on list as of 14/04/07 Geoff (Jack) Russell, Dennis Keightley, Rod Evans, Tim Reynolds, Andy Laddams, Bob Wilkinson, Pat O'Hara, Norman Elmer ,Harry Boota(50)



Calling all Wafoos 09/04/07

I hope you had a good reunion. I am in the throes of organising a ships flights reunion for all of us wafoos who seved on the frigates and DLGs. As you have probably already experienced, the hardest part of doing this is locating crews from 25 years ago. If you had any of the Brilliant flight at your reunion I would appreciate it if you could put them in touch with me.


Dave McCaughey (ex-SMR HMS Yarmouth)


March 2007 25th anniversary Reunion Belgrave Hotel

Pete Parry Retiring Committee member adhering to official dress code at the Belgrave hotel

Committee Meeting discussions on dress code for the June march, Badges Berets or Ba>>>>>.

Photo with Thanks Harry Boota (also reunion photographs on acknowledgment page)


Mentioned in Dispatches Award presented by Captain (Bob) McQueen to our First Lt. Laon Hulme

With thanks to Laon for his letter home 20th 23rd 24th May, Introduction page account and OPs Room forced air ventilation photo

Letter attached gives a feel for the actions after Antrim was hit when I grabbed my
old FC intercept 'widger' to give some control to the Shars over the AOA.

It does not however quite capture how PO HC1 Wilf Hall moved very quickly to
the other side of the table and together we then compiled and fought the air
war on D-Day utilizing any scrap of information we could glean from the
Bridge, Gun Direction Platforms, doppler and land-locked radar. For myself
the greatest difficulty was maintaining focus over many hours and keeping
track of, on occasion, four pairs of Shars and call signs - albeit there were
only two pairs on task at any time. And they call the Operations Room the
Gloom Room!?

With Thanks to Chris Sherman

Great pictures of the Santa Fae 24/04/82

Les from the FVF has compiled a list of events for 2007 commemoration's

On the last post page also commemorations info for June

Photo with thanks to Dick Kirby

Brilliant Ships Company March Past on the Mall..........Sunday 17th June 2007



National Commemorations to mark the 25th Anniversary of the Falklands Conflict

This will take place over the period 14th-17th June 2007.They are being organized by the Ministry of Defense and Falkland Islands Government with the full consultation of veterans' and families' organizations. Thursday 14 June will see a series of events in the Falkland Islands and at the Falklands Memorial Chapel at Pangbourne School in the UK.

The main UK events will be on Sunday 17th June in London: details are still being developed but they are likely to include a commemorative event in Horse Guards Parade, a march past on the Mall, a fly past, and a veterans' reunion in St James' Park.

Any member of the ship's Company who served during the Falklands war for 1 day or more is eligible to take part. It is intended to form a HMS BRILLIANT contingent to take part in these commemorations and to march up the Mall. It is hoped that a large number of the 1982 Ships Company and their guests will attend.

Cdr. Colin TOZER RN (rtd) (then Lt Tozer) has 'volunteered' to act as the BRILLIANT coordinator for this event. He will whip up support where possible and act as a point of contact for ex-HMS BRILLIANT personnel to provide assistance and information as and when it becomes available. He will liaise with the authorities in the MOD on our behalf if required.

"We recommend that you apply for your tickets without delay as numbers for guests are limited and there is bound to be a big demand."

NB: Participants will be responsible for applying to the MOD for tickets for themselves and their guests. Ticket booking forms and itinerary updates can be found

at the Veterans Agency web site: www.veteransagency.mod.uk

All those who would like to come to London on 17th June 07 please let me know tozers@gitedordogne.net (Colin)

Photo With thanks to Dick Kirby (MEM)


Run ashore rig South Georgia 1982

Chris Sherman and Daisy Adams after Chris had disabled the Santa Fe (blowing off its rudder) South Georgia 1982

Thanks to Chris for Brilliant in Cumberland Bay picture 24/4/82 and personal account on the here and now page

25th Anniversary Dinner Friday 16th- 18th March Belgrave hotel Torquay (Fancy Dress optional)

Photo with thanks to Ginge Offord

AHOY SHIPMATES!!! (As Chippy would say)

Yes folks its that time again, (a bit later than usual due to pressures of retirement) only this time we have booked the whole hotel! The reason folks are that we have reached our normal dining area's capacity. (With the added promises from the rest of the communication branch, saying that they will attend, but never turn up, lack of communication amongst them). Still we will hold them to their word as we have stuck our neck out.

We will be having our Dinner in the Restaurant, and using the Shakespeare Bar (Main Bar) as the other function room. Because we are using the restaurant no other hotel guest can have his or her dinner, that is why we have had to book the whole hotel. This obviously causes problems if you only want to stay the Saturday night, and the hotel has been quick to point this out, and have charged accordingly, as below.

This year we have all the rooms (apart from 12) (that's another story which I will not bore you with), so it will be first come first served with the best rooms, as we used to do before the present owner took over!

We are still working with the hotel as regards menu and the seating arrangements, so instead of sending them to you we will put them on the website when they are confirmed.

The itinerary will be the same but in different rooms, but we will have to watch and quarter bill on the Brilliant notice board at reception.


1. Friday 16th-Sunday 18th --------= £120.00 per person

2. Saturday 17th Banquet + B&B = £90.00 per person

3. Saturday 17th Banquet Only ---=£30.00 per person

We have paid the £500.00 deposit for 60 rooms; we need you to book for the whole weekend to make it an even better success. We have also provisionally booked DR Rick Jolly as our Guest Speaker, he is over the moon to attend, but will depend on his health. - Don't forget to try and trace someone you haven't heard from its up to you lads!

E-Mail: reg.briers@hmsbrilliant.com



PS:- The next Reunion will be 13-15 March 2009, no excuses



Thanks to John (Jack )Todd for his account of life in the navy 1943 ship page

Jack joined the navy on the 7th of January 1942 weeks before his 20th Birthday, he spent one year on Brilliant and was involved in the D Day landings

Jack and his oppo Bob Thorburn


Captain Coward quote a well-known naval phrase which is considered by some to date back to the eighteenth century, by others to be the invention of the Navy's legendary turn-of-the-century First Sea Lord, Admiral Fisher: 'The essence of war is violence; moderation in war is imbecility.' That was his philosophy for better or for worse....

Captain Coward, in our newest ship, found out the hard way that his surveillance radar was nothing like as effective in the tight mountainous surroundings which bordered Carlos Water. Finally his forward Sea Wolf system had been damaged by enemy action. By nightfall he realized that it would have been much better if he had stationed Brilliant just a little further out in the open water to give his radar a better chance. Knowing John he was privately berating himself for this ill-fortune, but, as ever, he had a plan. By some remarkable piece of chicanery, he still had on board Brilliant the specialist computer engineer from Marconi, the British company that made the Sea Wolf radar. He had not quite kidnapped him -- the chap had been working on Brilliant's electronics in Gibraltar before we set off to the south and then went home to England, but somehow, by the time we cleared Ascension that April night, Mr David Brean -- whom John describes as a 'deep expert' in missile computer technology -- was ensconced in none other than Brilliant. 'A key player in my team,' said Coward briskly, as if it were the most natural thing in the world for a Royal Navy frigate to be heading into battle with various civilian technologists wandering around their Ops Rooms.... On this dark night, with the weather getting up, David Brean was wrestling with the problem of Brilliant's Sea Wolf and the extensive damage to its wiring. The captain had ordered her out of the Sound by 2030 to go round to King George Bay, West Falkland, and insert SAS reconnaissance teams. As he did so, David Brean re-wired and reprogrammed.


The trouble is,' he said to Captain Coward, sometime after midnight, 'we have a problem with the radar antenna up the mast.' Without a thought for the knifing wind and the cold rain, not to mention that Mr. Brean was not even in the Navy, John Coward replied: 'Better get up there then.' David Brean, I am reliably informed, gulped. Then he said, 'Okay, sir,' and proceeded to go up the mast in the middle of the night to fix the antenna. 'First class man,' confirmed Coward. 'Best after-sales service you can imagine.'

Book Review Razor's Edge 26/03/06

Forthright in his opinions detailed and enjoyable to read (with thanks to lady Diana for the heads up)


Three San Julian Daggers, led by Squadron leader Puga, attacked Brilliant about the same time, missing with their bombs but hitting her heavily with cannon, which temporarily disabled Sea Wolf as well as riddling her loaded Exocet launcher. They also wounded, among others ?Lieutenant Commander Hulme, the officer in charge of air defense, who had just directed the Harrier Combat Air Patrol to a successful interception of three more San Julian Daggers over West Falkland.

Ward who shot down two of them, recalled calling up Hulme to ask for more 'trade' and being told to wait. ' I said what do you mean wait ?'' He Said: Well we've just had our ops room straffed with gunfire, 30mm cannon.The man across form me has just lost the top of his head and I v'e been hit in the arm and I'm just collecting myself.'' I felt awful. I said ''Okay -sorry about that,''and within seven seconds he was back on line saying ''Right we think we've got trade for you up to the North.'' It happened just like that, quite amazing.

FOR SALE HMS Brilliant unfinished project some parts required (Thanks to Neal Johnson)17/03/06

With Thanks to Carlos for the information on page 1/5/82

Santa Fe and San Luis, Argentine Account of operations

Any info about a shipmate off the old Brilliant

Hi David,
I served aboard HMS Brilliant in

WW11...1943...1945. I am trying to catch
up with an old friend...Stanley Francis
ROGERS who served on the Brilliant at the same time....His last known address was
I am 80 years of age, he would be of the same age.
Cheers & Thank you
Roly Bond,

More CrewPhoto,s on acknowledgments page courtesy of Kirk 6/11/05

Med 82

Capis Stokers Reunion 2006 5/11/05

Hello Lads
Recognize the ugly Bstards?

Young Regie Briers ,Randy the Tart and Captain caveman Fred Elliot have all been in touch(great news) The consensus seems to be central next year.so if I say theTravel Inn at Birmingham in September can you all make that for the one off all day/night session. Rooms are about £50 for the night . Anyone not taking the wives ,boyfriends ( Landy) etc. can double up on twin rooms and go halves. Once again there are a few lads missing anyone knowing their whereabouts please give them a buzz. I will contact Travel Inn this weekend and let you know the prices.

Yours Sincerely

Event Coordinator Mr. Mark Capitano

South Georgia 82 Stb Waist (Photo Kirk)

Thanks to Kirk Van Beer for photo,s---------------------19/10/05

Loads of photos to follow when I have scanned them ( so far, Tiny Davies and Jack Russel with their gun 12/05/82 Glasgow after the attack 12/05/82 Coventry sailing South 13/04/82) Brilliant,Antrim and Plymouth South Georgia 25/04/82 Swapped stores with Battleaxe 02/04/82, Rock Run Gib 28/03/82

Spoons Campion 3R Mess Taff Poole 14/04/82

MOD Oracle report 17/10/05


They show the naval taskforce was dispatched in such haste that there was no time to remove nuclear depth charges carried on seven Royal Navy ships. Two of the ships, Hermes and Invincible, carried 75% of the navy's entire stockpile of nuclear depth charges, the papers reveal.

Offloading the weapons would have given the Argentineans more time to tighten their grip on the islands. But keeping them on board the ships was also dangerous. The papers show the extent of the concern. They say: "It was also conceivable that weapons might fall into the hands of the Argentines, by salvage, if one of the [Royal Navy] ships had been sunk, stranded or captured."

They add: "However unlikely, the consequences of this would be most serious and the acquisition of UK nuclear weapon technology in this way by a state which had no such weapon would have damaging consequences."

The papers have been posted on the Ministry of Defense website, after the MoD earlier refused to release them to the Guardian and other newspapers under the Freedom of Information Act.


Was the buzz correct that we off loaded to Tidespring ?

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientist (NRDC Nuclear Notebook 2005)

Nuclear history. Within the last few years, interesting new details about Britain's nuclear weapons history have been released to the public. In a two-volume, 1,100-page official history of the 1982 Falkland Islands campaign, Sir Lawrence Freedman provides specific details about the presence of British nuclear weapons in the conflict. [9] In response to Argentina's surprise attack in early April, Britain dispatched a task force of ships to the South Atlantic to make a strong diplomatic statement. Two of the vessels, the frigates Brilliant and Broadsword, carried two WE177 nuclear depth charges each for killing submarines. In London, there was an intense debate over whether to delay the ships' departure and offload the weapons, or sail with them and remove them later.

While en route, the weapons were transferred to the aircraft carriers Hermes and Invincible, which already carried 40 and 25 percent, respectively, of Britain's nuclear depth charges and were also traveling to the South Atlantic. Only in late June did the weapons return to Britain. Freedman stresses that there was never any intention to use the weapons against the Argentines but adds that the chief of the defense staff, Adm. Sir Terence Lewin, was inclined to bring them to the South Atlantic just in case Soviet submarines got involved in the conflict on the Argentine side.

Example of WE177

Here and Now Page 27/07/05

What we are up to

Kirk Van Beer Now living in Canada

Corporal Manuel Centeno (Account of the firing of the exocet form the lorry trailer) coming home page 22/07/05


Thanks to Manuel (foreground left 1985) and Carlos

Stavangar 1981-?


Chasing Russian Submarines and visiting Norway any information and recollections ?

Update No8 from Stuart in Sierra Leone Here and Now page 29/04/05


Thanks to Jeff Mason for photo 24/04/05

Who dropped his kaks whilst the ladies were having their photo shoot at the reunion dinner ?

Thanks to Jeff Mason for photo 08/04/05

Reunion 05 photo (Proposed caption) 5 in the morning not bad eh? any other suggestions and what is Capi whispering in Harry,s ear?

Thanks to Robbie Burns for photo 01/04/05

Stewards photos 1983 on Acknowledgments page.

Since leaving the navy, one of Robbie,s occupations is manufacturing Ships plaques including Brilliants past and present,examples below.Lead time is between two and three weeks.

He will donate a percentage of the cost of the plaques to the association on any orders we place.

5 " Round 7 " Mounted £19.99 + £3.50 Postage (Recorded).
7" Round 10" Mounted £29.99 + £5.50 Postage (Recorded).

6" Shield 10" Mounted £24.99 + £4.50 Postage (Recorded).

POSTAGE PRICES ARE TO THE UK ONLY. For overseas postage please contact us.

Thanks to Banzi for photo,s 24/03/05

Oppo,s photos 1983 on Acknowledgments page

Thanks to Joyce Evans (Rodders) for photo,s 23/03/05

Our Royal Marines make there first appearance on the site. Crew Photo,s on Acknowledgments page (soon to be renamed)


Thanks to Chris Birch (Banzi) for photo,s---------------------15/03/05

Antelope and Atlantic Conveyor 22/05/82-31/05/82 ,Argentine Prisoners Coming Home page More to follow


Argentine Communiqués to the Falkland Islanders ---------------------14/03/05

Thanks to Dave Swift who obtained copies on the SAMA 2002 Pilgrimage)For the moment pasted on to the end of the home page

Update from Stuart in Sierra Leone Here and Now page 06/03/05


Reunion News 28/02/05

Ahoy shipmates! we have a 121 members attending the reunion to date, and it is still going up, please contact us soonest, as there is accommodation, but we do need to know the numbers for the Banquet! I'll be leaving Scotland on the 3rd March. My mobile number is :- 07762 950 160 or another committee member. See you all soon!!! yours aye Reg

Website additions, 25/02/05

Thanks to Steve (Taff) for Diary excerpts on introduction page, additional 18/05/82 - 21/05/82, 22/05/82 - 31/05/82, 01/06/82- 12/06/82, home page.

More information on previous Brilliants, Info on three Sea Cadet groups who are our namesakes (Ship Page),

Photo of lads watching Sheffield, Article on attacks by San Luis 24/04/82-03/05/82, Photo of Glasgow after attack 04/05/82-17/05/82

Website additions thanks to Steve Tinney(Taff)

Signals and Letters (coming home page)diary excerpts 04/05/82-17/05/82 more to follow when I have typed them up. PO's mess photo a copy from Steve and Fred Eliot (ship page)

Glasses,Cummerbunds and Cufflinks

Dave Swift can supply cummerbunds for the reunion if ordered soon Various colors including Bottle green or Black cost £18.00 a percentage of which is going to the reunion funds.

Please add 2" to your waistline when ordering

Also available form stock with the ships crest :-

Cufflinks ..............£5.50

Ladies broaches ...£3.00

Lapel Badges .......£2.00

Glasses Description and Prices:-

A. Boxed pair of tumblers (Whiskey) .......................£24.99

B. Boxed pair tumblers (Brandy) .............................£24.99

C. Zara goblet(small wine /large port) .......................£10.50each

D. Zara brandy .......................................................£10.50 each

E. Zara Hi Ball........................................................£10.50 each

F. Glass tankard (pint).............................................£16.99

G. Glass Beer (pint) ................................................£19.99

Pictures of glasses, and a choice of crests, for which the art work has been done and paid for!!! The prices that follow are dependent on the number that is ordered, and if a large order was placed, we would not be charged for the engraving. Dave will have samples at the reunion, but can take orders before that and deliver at the reunion. Any questions please contact Dave direct!!! Don't forget the small profit will go into the reunion funds!!


To Order contact :- daveswift@hmsbrilliant.com

New photos Wardroom and Senior Rates on ship page

Thanks to Malcolm Smith now Commander Smith


HMS Brilliant Reunion 2005

From Reg Briers, 19, Anderson St., Newburgh, Fife, KY14 6AE, H 01337 842 580.
‘E’ Mail:- reg.briers@hmsbrilliant.com (our website)


(Friday 11th March –Sunday 13th March)

AHOY SHIPMATES!!! (As Chippy would say)

Yes folks, it’s that time again, boring dits and not so funny jokes!!! (alas you cannot win them all).

We have had so many compliments on the venue, we couldn’t change it if we wanted too. (We did try to get a better deal, but the rest were more expensive!)Apart from the nightmare we had with the room allocation, ie the Fri.am. Printout was different to the Fri pm. printout – (and we just got it sorted before the first guest arrived-who had been allocated to the broom cupboard)(sorry Tim) – (seemingly the new owner was changing rooms around after they had been allocated to us), every thing went to plan and was most enjoyable, and the reunion aim was achieved, BZ!

The Brilliant valuables have been pawned, including Chippy’s crests, to provide a deposit of £500, for 51 bedrooms. The new owner has provided me with a contract to sign, ie. Unsold rooms are to be handed back by the 11th December 2004 and any cancellations will be charged by percentage, depending on time outstanding! We have been allocated, 8 superior sea view, 10 Superior garden view, 15 Garden views, and 18 Standard rooms. The costing will be detailed below for Standard rooms, for superior sea and garden view the extra charge is:- £10 per night, per person , for the Garden views the extra charge is :- £5 per night per person!

Therefore gentlemen, as you can see, it is imperative that you book early before Christmas, to get the room of your choice, as I will not be allocating the good rooms to first come first served basis! Please fill in the proforma and send the full amount by cheque payable to the ‘HMS BRILLIANT REUNION FUND’. (If anyone has trouble with this method of payment please contact me and we can sort something out)(ie predated monthly cheques etc!)

The full itinerary is enclosed, along with the CGI’s(112) list of Gizzmos, (stand still!!! when you are walking!!!)(profits to the Brilliant Reunion Fund) - sample menu for Friday, Banquet Menu, Dress and seating layout.(Seating plan will be displayed in the Keats room), any preferences let us know, other wise it will be alphabetical! (well nearly!)


Friday 11th – Sunday 13th March =£105

Saturday 12th Banquet + b&b =£60

Saturday 12th Banquet Only = £30

Sunday 13th – Rooms to be vacated by 1100

Any queries, please contact any of the committee (ding, ding,):- Pete Parry – H 01579 320 896, Dave Swift - H 02392 425 225, Jan Sully – H 01579 344 053,

Yours aye,

HMS Brilliant (1980-1984)
Belgrave Hotel

Friday11th & Saturday12th March 2005
Weekend Itinery

Friday 11th March 2005
PM- 'MUSTER' - Dinner, B&B

Saturday12th March 2005

Mini Reunion 'General Meeting' in Keats Bar
Theme 'The Way Ahead Revised'

Banquet Dress: Gentlemen Black Bow Tie


Pre Drinks to be served in the Keats Lounge
(Our private Bar) 'Bucks Fizz'


'Up Spirits' in The Keats Lounge

O/c Group Photograph


'Called To Dinner' in the Wordsworth
Glass of wine to be served
Toast to absent friends- Reg
Grace- Jan. Dinner to be served
O/c Coffee and mints
(Recharge your glasses)
Pass the Port
Toast to the Queen - Dave
Speeches- Chairman & Captain
Background music and wait for it '
'The Brilliant Raffle'- Pete and Jan
( renowned throughout the fleet)

Goalkeeping in the South Atlantic 24/08/04

A Print of one of the Type 22s goalkeeping the Hermes by David Cobb is available from the Falkland Islands Memorial Trust.These prints are signed by our skipper, Bill Canning from the Broadsword and Admiral Sandy Woodward.

Prices: £50.00 for unframed print, £100 for a framed print.


Extract from our Admirals page

Since this was originally written for a different and more general purpose, the Type 22 frigates did not get much of a mention: to have done more would have been unfair to the many other contributors. However, my appreciation and understanding of the fairly ghastly time the 22s had is best demonstrated by the fact that I did commission a special painting by a well-known war artist [David Cobb] to record their long-standing and nerve-wracking task as 'Goalkeepers' for the two aircraft carriers. This was brought home to me most graphically one day in thick fog when I had gone to the forward end of the ski-jump to get a closer look at the fluffy white seabirds milling about around the bow that had been giving us problems with aircraft taking off. I looked over the bow to see the fresh white and pale green wash of what must have been the resident 'Goalkeeper' just passing under our stem. We had seen nothing of her at all in visibility of less than 50 yards and up till that moment, I had taken their task of remaining within 500 yards of us pretty much for granted. I never did so again and that lasting impression remains with me today. Like so many of the tasks for everyone at that time, high risk - low thanks. But thanks, nevertheless.
Sandy Woodward.

To order your copy please contact:

Mrs Angerla Perry.
Falklands Islands memorial Chapel Trust
2 Soden Rd. Heyford Park
Upper Heyford .Oxon .OX25 5LR.

Journey of Rememberance, UK to the Falklands, September 2004 Returned 03/11/04 See voyage Page

Pelagic in Southampton prior to her trip to Spitzbergen

Its finally going to happen on the 1st of September I am setting off from the UK to Stanley.

We are stopping off in the Canaries, Salvador in Brazil, Mar De Plata in Argentina before arriving in Stanley around the 30th of October.

I would like to thank my wife Jayne for her patience and support, I have been a little single minded. Christopher my son for his request to put a piece of iceberg in a bottle so he can drink it when I get back and can I get the other men to take a picture of me up the mast like in the film Master and Commander.

The skipper for his support and emails of good humor after an ex stoker with no money, no boat and limited ocean sailing experience contacts him and says he wants to sail 8000 miles to the Falklands. Let Colonel Ewen Southby Tailyour for his support and offer to accompany me to any presentations I needed to make.

Commander Grant and Sue Lawrey from the British Antarctic Survey Medical Unit team. The Ice girls (new docs taking over down South in Halley, Rotherer, South Georgia ) Dr Lisa Hancock will be traveling down on the James Clark Ross on the 22nd of September, I have been promised one of their T-shirts so that I can be recognized (bright pink with silver letters).

Skip Novak for making it possible for me to accept the offer of dinner with Carlos and a couple of lads who served on board the Argentine Submarine the San Luis during the war.Finally friends and family who have had to put up with constant updates and riveting information about how many MB have been downloaded from the website.

Account of trip on the Here And Now Page




Some new additions to the website 21/08/04

Chris Lathams dated extracts of letters to the girl he was to marry, they now live in Plymouth and Chris works on the river with the MOD

A selection of photographs by Mark Capitano taken from the ship of our arrival back in Plymouth

Photographs of the lads leaving the ship at Ascension

An pilots account of an air attack on the 21st Thanks to Julio César Aldeguer Bolarín of Spain

Accounts of previous Brilliants on the Ship Page, 200 Years of warfare and not much changes.

Photo,s from lads off other ships on the links page. Sandy Saunders HMS Penelope and Eddie Bradburn HMS Broadsword

Security Guard Tells of Overpowering Raider (Scotsman)

20/07/08 2:13pm (UK)
Security Guard Tells of Overpowering Raider

By Pat Clarke, PA News

Security guard Simon Stearman told today of his rage after overpowering armed jewel raider Nebojsa Denic – and how he pulled off his disguise.

When former Royal Navy weapons expert and Falklands war veteran Mr Stearman refused to release him, Denic’s gun went off.

Mr Stearman, 42, was unhurt but broke his elbow as both men fell the ground.

“It was a pretty intimidating weapon. I was still coming forward and he was starting to turn, at which point I thought I was going to be shot. So I carried on going forward to try and neutralise the gun.”

He said it was just a clinical moment. “I was shot at by Argentine fighters on HMS Brilliant, but I was never trained to jump on gunmen in the street in the West End.

“It could have gone two ways. I could have frozen or pressed home the attack – which is what I did.”

The seconds had seemed like hours, said Mr Stearman. “After I had taken him to the floor and jumped up, I was in a rage.

“The worse thing I could think of to do was to pull his wig off. I did and I told him he looked stupid – with a lot of expletives.”

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Brilliant (Dodsworth) Decommissioned

The old girl has been put into reserve 5th March 2004
For those who can read Portuguese


March 13th, 2004

Brazilian Navy puts two more warships in reserve condition.

On the 11th of March, Navy put frigate Dodsworth (F47) and torpedo boats
fighter ship Pernambuco (D30) in reserve condition. This fact reflects the
deep budget crisis Brazilian armed forces are passing through.

Believe it or not, this warships retirement from active duty comes just when
Navy is getting ready to dispatch a task force which includes Landing ships
Mattoso Maia and Rio de Janeiro and a Marine force to Haiti following United
Nations decision to send a peace force to that country.

In other words, just when the need for a naval power is more clear than
never ever before in order to reinforce Brazil desire to get a permanent
seat in the United Nations Security Council, the country itself weaks that

Navy Headquarters
MArch 11th, 2004
Dayly Order Nº 4/2004
About: Disarming & transference to reserve for the frigate "DODSWORTH"

According to disposition Nº 71 dated March 5th 2004 by The Navy Commanding
Officer and following article 1.3.4 of Navy Service General Statute, an
order for the Disarming & transference to reserve for the frigate
"DODSWORTH" is set.

Built in Yarrow Shipyards in Glasgow, United Kingdom, her keel was set on
December 15th 1978 and she was launched to the sea on May 15th 1981, being
baptized as "HMS BRILLIANT". Her most prominent perfomance in the Royal Navy
happened during the conflict of the Malvinas.

She came into active service for the Navy of Brazil on August 30th 1996 in a
ceremony parade in Plymouth and received her actual name as an homage to
Admiral Jorge Dodsworth Martins for the prominent services he accomplished
for the Navy.

Through these eight years in service, when she was always distinguished for
her performance, The Frigate DODSWORTH performed 501,5 days of navigation and
went through 96.137 miles.

Just like her same kind ships, the "GREENHALGH" class, she added new
concepts and knowledge, both technological and operational such as sensors
characteristics, propulsion, damage control, weapons systems and being the
employment of seawolf missil the most remarkable note.
It is also a remarkable event the fact that in this ship and for the first
time in our Navy history, three aircraft's got on board of a frigate, two in
the hangar and one more on the flight deck.

She accomplished various training exercises for the fleet such as:
antisubmarine operations, defense of the naval traffic, air defense actions,
search and rescue operations, and also serving as a way of embracing
friendship ties with the foreigner navies she operated with.

The drop out of the service of a ship is a moment that dig deep in the
feelings of the sailors and specially in those who lived impressed
experiences on board, both personals and professionals.

In this moment when we have to strike the colors, we thanks her for the
important duties she carried on for the fatherland while serving in the Navy
and that goes too for all of those who were her seen spirit and had the
privilege and the honor of being part of her crew.

Fleet Admiral
Navy Headquarters Chief Officer


Thanks to Staff Seargent Carlos Alberto Arce who is serving in the Argentinean Marines

for supplying this information and the link to the account of the sinking of the Belgrano

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Whatever Happened To...?

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Whatever Happened To
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