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Atlantic conveyor


HMS Broadsword
HMS Penelope
HMS Antrim
HMS Ardent
HMS Glamorgan
SS Canberra
HMS Yarmouth
HMS Coventry
HMS Invincible

Belgrano Crewman (Marcelo Pozzo)

Malcolm Palin L Wem HMS Broadsword

We were all stood down from action
stations, after one attack, so I went to the Aft heads. I am sitting there
and suddenly another run comes in, I don't have time to make it to the after
section base, so yes, I am literally sitting on the head listening to what
sounds like hammers beating on bulkhead all around me and the sound of
shrapnel flying around. I run back and everyone was saying 'where the bloody
hell were you Palin?!"

Coventry Sinking, Arriving Home,San Carlos seconds before a straffing run

Photos Eddie Driver HMS Broadsword

South Georgia 83

Photo,s Sandy Saunders HMS Penelope

Falklands 82

Photo,s Sandy Saunders HMS Penelope

MEM (M) Andrew Devonport HMS Hermes82 HMS Brilliant 83

GR3 - shows Chinook taxiing fwd for loading with SF troops,

HMS Tiger Bay - A captured Argie gunboat here doing a 'sail past', now crewed by the RN,

Broadsword Goalkeeping

A Bluey from a lady back home

Dear Andrew
Hi there lad and how are you? In good health and the best of spirits we hope.
I am sending these few lines from all of us on Holme Rise- to say how very proud and grateful we are to you for being out there doing your duty under the existing circumstances and in the face of all that happens to you from day to day.
We think about you very often and say our prayers for your safety, and safe return home- to your dear little wife, and to your dear Mother and family in due course. Your mother and Lisa are keeping their chins up marvellously well. I never thought I would live to see another conflict and it saddens me very much: I remember so well the 1st and 2nd World Wars and here I am nearly eighty years old and we are at it again - but that's life isn't it All is much the same here in S.E .
I t makes me mad when the vandals kick in more shop window's in at the weekends. Thank God for grand lads like you- and Simon who have chosen a life of service and whom we can look up to with respect and love. Here it is very hot for a change- with electric storms nearly every evening at present. I don't mind for myself but I think I'd die if my chimney got struck! Eddie sends his best wishes to you - He was a Sapper in Royal Engineers in WW2, and wishes he was on the Falklands now- but at his age it's a bit to late eh?
Thinking of you always all the best ,
Love Auntie Daisie at No 1


South Atlantic Medal Association
Liberty Lodge Accomodation Falkland Islands


Falkland Islands
Gordon Smith Naval History and timeline for falklands War



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