Sad to report indestructable Frank Barnet has crossed the bar after a fall.

His funeral is to be held on Friday 18th January at 11.00 at St Hildas Church Whitby.

1 Walker Street Whitby YO21 1QT Tel: 01947 602476



William Daley (WEM(R) has kindly sent new photogrpahs Thank you

Springtrain 28/3/82

Senna Seaspread22/5/82

Coming Home 26/6/82



Many Thanks to Duchy (Boore) for his photogrpahs of Cumberland Bay 24/04/82-03/05/82 page



Message from Duncan Spence, sadly I have the unfortunate job of informing you all that Steve Tindale crossed the bar Dec 7th at 12:05 RIP my old run ashore oppo

His funeral will be held on the 23rd of December 12:45 at the Surrey & Sussex crematorium. This will be followed by a celebration of his life at The Copthorne Social Club, where we will raise a glass or two for him.His family would like it to be a celbration of his life and invite you to dress accordingly, no black or suit necessary.Everyone is wekcome to attend . We ask that flowers be from the family members only and if you would like to make a donation to the Royal Marsden Cancer Hospital a collection will be available at the crematorium to be donated in Stephens name. We look forward to seeing you there and thank you for your many messages of love and support.



35th Reunion Banquet on board HMS Belfast

Leaving Plymouth for Exercise Springtrain 1982.

35 years later we still meet up to commemorate that journey. In 1982 the second world war was 37 years ago.

Good news we reached our deposit target.
With partners and those who expressed the intention of attending, takes the overall figure up to 73. Not bad with still 6 months to go.

Listed below shipmates signed and paid up for Belfast 2017

Bunker D
Land G
Barclay G
Douthwaite G
Fletcher G
Latham C
Mason K

Stone C
Weddle R
Gripton S
Weale R
Boore J
Osbourne J
Shutt H
Wilkinson R
Knightly D
Capitano M
Tinney S
Cork R
Oddy D
Spayne N
Spayne J

Thanks Dave for the link to the union jack club. http:/

Please could all shipmates organise their own accomodation.

Regards Bill


Sirs, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Many thanks to those positive responses regarding the choice of venue for the 2017 Reunion - the result was a resounding YES for dinner in HMS BELFAST.
Therefore a small deposit has been placed from "Brilliant Funds" to secure the event to take place Saturday 18th March 2017. This venue is a very prestigious London historical location and naturally the booking requires certain commitments to be met, one of which is costs. We will require £160 per person for the Dinner, that does not include any accommodation costs which should be met individually and can be discussed closer to the event.

We do need the £160 pp before September this year. So for those of you keen to attend this prestigious 35th year anniversary event could you please make (cheque) payments to HMS BRILLIANT Reunion Fund or contact me for bank account details to make a payment online.

This could be a tremendously memorable weekend event, not just for shipmates, but also wives, girlfriends or partners! It is not only a perfect naval setting to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the Falklands Conflict but it would also be a fitting location to remember those that sadly will not be able to join us in future Reunions.

The nights event includes the following:

The Naval know-how package:
Exclusive room hire from 18:30 - 23:00 , naval rum punch reception, three course set dinner menu with fourth cheese board course, half bottle of wine, after dinner liquor, tea, coffee and chocolates, HMS Belfast Gift, personalised place card, 1940's background music and opportunity to explore the museum.

Please contact me direct if you require further information.

Yours sincerely
Nick Spayne, on behalf BRILLIANT Reunion Committee


Rough per person figures for Reunion Please see below for exact amount and what you get for your money

Sat Accomodation + banquet .......Union Jack Club £118 per person

Sat Accomodation + banquet ............HMS Belfast £223 per person

Fri Sat Accomodation + banquet Union Jack Club £190 per person

Fri Sat Accomodation + banqueHMS Belfast Club £300 per person



35th Anniversary March 2017

HMS Brilliant Reunion Association Weekend and Banquet


The Union Jack Club for food and accomodation

or union Jack Club for accomodation and HMS Belfast for the Banquet

We have the choice.

Ladies and Gentlemen - the Reuinion Dinner for Saturday 18th of March 2017 is planned to be held at either :-

The Union Jack Club (UJC) or HMS Belfast (BELF) both in London. Accomodation could be at UJC plus banquet there or we could push the boat out and accomodate at UJC and dine in the true Navy style on board the iconic Battle Cruiser HMS Belfast. UJC by Waterloo station and BELF is just 2 stops away by tube at London Bridge. We would like feedback on your feelings before commiting to bookings but do require this befrore Sat 30th of April 2016 please.

Before you choose you can investigate both dinner venues at

UJC-Friday and Saturday accomodation and breakfast + dinner Friday (Single Room + ensuite ) + Banquet UJC = £197 or BELF =£301

(Double room+ ensuite) + Banquet UJC = £372 or BELF £580

Saturday only Banquet plus breakfast (Single + ensuite) UJC = £118 or BELF £223

(Double + ensuite ) UJC = £226 or BELF £434

Of course there is a price difference but the 35th is a major milestone that we think should be celebrated in Style.



A few more photogrpahs on the site in various sections South Georgia, San Carlos etc

A few more photogrpahs on the site in various sections South Georgia, San Carlos etc


Back online finally with the sad news that we have lost another two shipmates, Dave Pate and Reg Briers if you would like to add photographs and comments to the last post page please contact me.

Regards Bill


Capi's Mini Ships Reunion (all branches )

Venue Holiday Inn Express at Albert Dock

09/01/2015- 11/01/2015

£86/ night for two people in a double bedroom, breakfast included (book direct) 0844 875 7575

Shipmate Crash Evans L Ck

Debut Book of fiction is being published on the 28th of Novemeber 2014, percentage

of profits going to our charities.

Stocking filler for Christmas, Order on Amazon or direct form publisher at above link

Thanks to Crash for new photographs 26/4/82-Crew Pictures


Many thanks for photographs of Air attacks San Carlos from Russell Berriaman

18/5/82-21/5/82 section


Many thanks for the cracking photographs from Smudge (Tony Smith)

25/4/82 Santa Fae running for Cumberalnd Bay, 22/5/82 San Carlos, Sold to the Brazilians, Crossing the line eremny in the Crew Gallery and Springtrain 28/3/82

Also Ginge (Mark Offord) has photographed months of the ships recently declassified logs page by page I will be loading the info up slowly starting with the google map markers


Chiefs Mess


Ladies and Gentlemen

Sad news our shipmate Ian (Taff) Poole departed unexpectadly on the 29th of march

His funeral will be held on the 10th of April at the Wenalt chapel, Thornhill Crematorian in Cardiff at 11.00

All shipmates welcome

Thank you to Toni Ians wife for the invitation

Sheffield European City of culture bidder 2013

Engineer Mark Capitano has organised a Reunion for any lads unable to attend Torquay this year or wish to attend another.

Held at the Premier Inn Hotel 19 Angel St from the 13/6/2014 to the 15/06/2014 this is lads only

Tel: 08715278970

If you can not get in touch with Capi drop me a line and I will pass it on.



Terminal Velocity is the velocity of an object when the sum of the drag force and bouyancy equals the downward force of gravity

Stan Baldwin and Graeme Land are going to be leaping out of perfectly servicible aircraft in aid of Help for Heroe,s

Why I have no idea other than they are past 50 and obviously feel they are near the end anyway so what ,s the harm.

If you would like to sponser, encourage this madness I will post a sponshership form on the notice board at the hotel.

Stan also has a link on his facebook page.



Reference 2013 Reunion Saturday morning meeting.

A regular topic brought up for discussion is changing the venue (up North in the frozen waste past Bristol is the usual idea)

We can discuss details at the reunion

If anybody has ideas and are willing to organise this event please send them to myself or Nick to post on the site so that we can take a vote

The first offering is from Stan Baldwin (of recent successful engineers reunion in Edinburgh fame)

A hotel in Edinburgh and the Royal yacht for a banquet.



In 2012 Matt asked for volunteers to to help with his research project. He has kindly alowed me to add his completed work to our site

Please find on the Crew Reflections page

University of Kent
School of History
War Studies Dissertation

Perceptions of Life Aboard Royal Navy Task Force Ships During the Falklands Crisis, 1982

By Matthew Coates

Supervisor: Prof. M.L. Connelly

15647 Words



Engineers Reunion 2013 Edinburgh

Organised by our esteemed colleague Stan Baldwin

A fantastic time was had by all, discussions about relocating the main reunion the the Shetlands forgotten in the lush surroundings of the Radisson Blu.

I did however wonder whether Stan or Sheila had picked the hotel when the Australian Rugby team turned up.

Some of these guys had forearms thicker than my thighs, I did not feel inclined to use the gym facilities or talk about cricket.

Dixie obviously went over to have a chat, it was like watching a chimpanzee poking a bear with a stick.

Nice lads who were strangely subdued in the bar after their win.(unlike our wives)

Tug Wilson after 32 years

A hairy Scots biker great to see him again.




Memorial Service for Admrial Sandy Woodward

A thanksgiving Service for Admiral Sir john 'Sandy' Woodward KCB GBE will be held in Chichester Cathedral on Thursday 14th of November at 2.30pm.

The service wil be followed by a reception in the cathedral precincts. It would be much appreciated if those wishing to attend could email Tessa Simpson at


2014 Reunion is March the 21st to the 23rd at the Livermead Hotel Torqauy

any shipmates not on the mailing, email list please contact Nick or myself on the contacts page

We will not as has been suggested, be serving Kujira Tataki at the banquet

An interesting document (copy and paste)

Naval War College (Newport, R) Submarine operations during the Falklands War



Would you like to recreate HMS Brilliants sea battles of the 1700s.

Download and create her at

Many thanks to Jeff for her 1759 building plans (Ship page)


Ladies and Gentlemen

Funeral details for Tex Marshall:

The funeral is on Thursday 8 August at 12.45 pm at Brety Crematorium near Burton-on-Trent.


Many people have asked for a contact to pass on cards or letters of condolences,


Ladies and Gentlemen

It is with great regret I have to announce the extremely short notice and sad departure of Leading Seaman Tex Marshall. A family friend of mine and many others Tex was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer (oesophagus) in June (2013) but sadly suffered a stroke shortly after and passed away on Thursday 25 July.


The old girl being built at yarrows

With Thanks to corriebob on flickr

Building in Plymouth 1/72 scale hope to have her ready for the reunion in March



Some cracking photographs from John d Henry on the 28.03.82 page. Springtrain,Gib Habour and swapping stores with Battleaxe



HMS Brilliant message to CTF 317.8 account of attacks on brilliant and Glasgow declassified 2012 on 04.05.82 page



Dits Required for run ashore in Newcastle 1981 (Ebay aquired photographs)

HMS Brilliant F90 alongside Newcastle 1981 (built at a cost of £102.2M Yarrows 1980)

annual costs of running and maintaining £11.2M

previous Brilliant H84 (built at a cost of £221,668 on the Tyne by Swan and Hunter 1930)



A new page for the website Crew Reflections

First addition is from Mark Offord of the engineering branch.

His account and reflection of our trip down South.(with the shades,Engineers Annual Reunion Gibralter 2010)

Engineers answer to combating web based forums,bulletin boards,listservs,electronic mailing lists and newsgroups



Sad News Potsy has lost his fight with illness.

He was planning on coming to our last reunion in spite of having a blood transfusion booked for the previous day.

His funeral is 1100hrs on Friday the 7th of December at Worthing Crematorium.

Bob his brother (ex RN) would welcome all attendees.



The old girl on the beach Aliga Turkey

Photograph thanks to Mr Petros Psarras

Heres a link to Donald Morrison's collection of falkland Islands photographs including penguin egg pavlova as well as a cracking photograph of SS Lady Elizabeth

He was the chap who allowed me to use his photograph of San Carlos Water in the prorduction of the print

War and Peace Show

Is the biggest gathering of military vehicles etc etc. it is held at the Hop Farm nr Paddock Wood, Kent, from 18th July to the 22nd July.

If anybody was interested they are giving free entry to Falklands Vets this year, and a reduced price of just £9.50 for family/carers. (Normal price is around £18.00 each.

I am aware many people do not live in area, but thought I would forward this just in case, and maybe you could send out to other members of our Ship. I believe camping is available.

More information at


Andy Laddams




On Sunday 20 May 2012 the Memorial to all those who gave their lives in the South Atlantic in 1982 received its service of dedication.
As I hope is evident from the photographs, it is a very fitting monument. As well as the service of dedication, the highlight was a fly past, whichincluded several helicopters, and an appearance by the only Vulcan still flying. A magnificent sight - and sound.
The main memorial wall bears the name of every person who gave their lives in the service of their country since the end of World War II, as well as numerous memorials placed by individual organisations to commemorate events, ships, regiments, and units from across the armed forces. It is a beautiful and very moving place to visit.
One story from a previous visit always stays with me. Whilst looking at the names on the wall, I began speaking to a stonemason who was working nearby. He told me that one such time whilst inscribing the latest names on the wall, a woman was stood watching him with a small boy next to her. The stonemason said to the woman that the boy was being very well behaved. Her reply was that he is always good when he comes to see his Dad....
If anyone ever finds themselves in the Midlands, this place is definitely worth a visit. If you are interested, please click on the link to the NMA website and have a look. Entry is free, just a £3.00 charge to park.

Chris Latham



Boys from the wardroom 30th Anniversary bash in Portsmouth



Just received the sad news from Harry that Julia Osbourne wife of our dear freind Bob Osbourne has passed away.

Julia's service will be at 11.00hrs on the 25th of April at Banbury Crematorium Hardwick Hill Southam Rd Banbury Oxfordshire OX16 1ST should anyone wish to attend.

No black suits or ties, donations to the local hospice who looked after her rather than flowers.

Contact Harry 07710838339



2012 30th Anniversary Reunion

Thank you to all for your generosity in the raffle and memorabilia sale, you raised £1672.80. This puts us in a good financial position for the next reunion.

Link for the photographs is


Spot the celebrity 2012 Reunion won by Stan Baldwin


With Thanks to Rod Morris Read his article on the introduction page




New Photograph of our Royals on the Crew Gallery page thanks to Potsy


HMS Brilliant Underway 4 Knots Canary Islands ETA Gibralter Straits 24-03-2012 04:00hrs

18-03-2012 12:08


Last Chance to come to a Reunion

as Yeoman Warden At Tower of London Part II of Four states

"It is an amazing fact that that the elderly just dont realize how little time they might have left"


On the 30th Anniversary HMS Brilliants last voyage from Rio to Turkey

13/3/12.... 14:13.... 4.9 the coast of Western Sahara

ETA Las Palmas 17-3-12

13/3/12 Thank you to Jonathan Harris Aqua Mecantile Limited for the info.


Track her on

Type hunter on the vessel search on the left of the screen and go for [DK] Tug.

With thanks to Roger Rose for photograph, sailing home 1982


RNTM 034/12

HMS NELSON All Ranks Garden Party And Beat The Retreat In Commemoration Of Falklands 30

see details bottom of 30th Anniversary page


HMS Brilliant (1982) - Wardroom Officers' Reunion

Portsmouth - 5th May 2012
The Officer of HMS Brilliant (1982) will hold a 30th Anniversary Reunion Dinner at 1930 on Saturday 5th May 2012 in the Wardroom, HMS Nelson.
All wardroom officers and civilians of wardroom status who served onboard during OP Corporate are invited to attend with their Ladies.

For full details contact Cdr Colin Tozer RN(rtd) by email :

On the 30th Anniversary Guestbook up and running again

On a seperate note

HMS Bristol Association will dedicate its new Standard at St. Barbra’s church, Whale Island, Portsmouth on Saturday 26th May 2012 to coincide with the Falklands 30th Anniversary Celebrations.
I would like to invite HMS Brilliant Association Standard to be present at the ceremony.

Saturday 26th May
1200 – Arrive St. Barbra’s Church, Whale Island
1230 – Standards to be fallen in
1300 – Service of Dedication
1400 – Reception onboard HMS Bristol, Whale Island
1500 – Tour of ship (Optional)
1600 Onwards - 30th Anniversary concert, Polo Fields, HMS Sultan, Gosport.

Sunday 27th May
Service of Remembrance, Falklands Gardens, Gosport followed by Freedom Parade and Civic reception.

Would you kindly let me know if you are able to attend the Dedication ceremony.

Peter “Bungy” Featherstone-Williams
Chairman, HMS Bristol Association
07824 487054 –

Anniversary Print Crew list nearly complete, thank you to all proof readers

I would like to thank Donald Morrison for allowing me to use his photograph of San Carlos Water in the production of this print

Outstanding service numbers WEA Tope C anybody know where he is ?

Who took this photograph ?

Rodrigo Valde's who was 8yrs old in 1982 is writing a book about Grupo 5 de Caza actions during the war and would like permission to use this photograph . His relative Lt Ricardo Volponi was killed when his Dagger was shot down on the 23rd of May by Lt Martin hale of 800 squadron.

Any information please contact



Royal Marine tribute band / Freddie with a pacemaker discovered performing in Windsor

Two more engineers who have successfully completed the the Diversity Champions program


Jimmy Green and Roger Weale Not Dead

they have been discovered in the Hyde Park pub Plymouth

Find them on facebook


Memorobilia for sale March 2012

Anybody wishing to pre order as only a small selection will be available on the day please contact Taff Email:

Crested Cuff Links £7.60

Crested LadiesBroach £5.20

Crested Lael Badges £2.80

Brilliant Embroidered Balzer Badges £8.80

Crested Cummberbunds £22.00

Crested Base Ball Caps £7.60

Crested Whiskey Glass £11.80

Crested small wine glass (port glass) £11.80

Belts £8.80

Polo Shirts HMS Brilliat 30th Rekunion Anniversary £14.20

Request for input Reseach Project

My name is Matt, and I am a third year War Studies student at the University of Kent. I am currently working on my final year research project, and I am hoping that you might be able to help! I have chosen to write a project on the Falklands war, since our department teaches a module covering the conflict, The project I have chosen centers around the experiences of sailors and officers aboard task force ships during the conflict. The title is "Perceptions of Combat aboard Royal Navy task force ships during the Falklands conflict, 1982." I have been contacting Veterans associations so that I can try to get in contact with ex-servicemen willing to take part in my project. Basically, what it would involve is answering a brief questionnaire that I would email to them. Confidentiality is guarateed and no contact details will be shared. Responses can be anonymous. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks Matt















Help for heroes

Taff Pooles brother in law Jonathan routley sings a song on utube where 10p per play is donated to Help the Heroes.

Jonathans father, brother and most of his uncles served in the army and he has lost a good freind in Afghanistan.





I know you will be very saddened to hear Geoff Coles’ news that Bob Davidson died yesterday after a battle with cancer. Geoff has kindly included funeral details . Bob did mention to me a couple of months ago

that he wanted to attend the reunion dinner but had his fingers crossed that he would be able to make it! I am sure none of us will forget the cheery face in the Captain’s ad hoc Staff Office.

The funeral will be held in the Trelawney Chapel at Penmount at 10.00 a.m. on Tuesday 29th March ( just outside Truro)

Malcolm smith



Engineers Reuinon in Windsor a roaring success more details to follow if I can get Ginge to write a dit. Reg looks in fine shape