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Crew Pictures

Crash Evans John King and Maggot

Crash Evans togged up ready to go ashore South Georgia

Young Crash Seagal Evans


Photographs Smudge (Tony Smith) On the day she was sold to the Brazilians

Photographs Smudge (Tony Smith) Crossing the line








Photos Courtesy of Joyce Evans (Rodders)



Photo,s courtesy of Banzi


Picture of all the Stewards from 1983.Photo Courtesy of Robbie Burns

Left to Right are Nobby Clarke (Front) Cant remember the smiling chef
to him but Crash Evans is the LCK behind him. Next ME Robbie Burns,
Stuart"Chico" Hamilton, Baby Steward next to Chico I cant remember but I will ask
Stuart, next Bob Davidson POSTD at The back, next Groucho Croughan, and
lastly George Patterson.


Pictures Courtesy of Kirk Van Beer



2007 Belgrave Hotel Reunion

Photographs with thanks to Harry Boota




With Many Thanks to Stuey PO(M) Staurt AR

Adrian Tiny Davis


L to R Shady Lane, Cant Remember, Me, Jock Rennie

Adrian 83

L to R First guy cant remember his name, Shady Lane, Jock Rennie, Taff Richards, Me, George Strachan

(The Hairy One) Not Sure who that is behind him and next to me, Topsey Turner

Me, Topsey Turner, Smudge Smith, cant remember the name of the guy coming in the Door




With Thanks to Simon Stearman for more crew pictures


Barts Wedding

Rosie Eric Andy and Tommy


Tommy Far

Arriving Home



Beach in Gib

Eric Taff jones


Dave Firth




App loyde