Dave Swift

What can I say. The most warming and heart rending service I have attended.

Daves funeral was on the 26 of January 2018 at 12 at St John the Baptist church in Baston with a short commital service at Peterborough Crematorium.

Universally liked and respected.The Eulogy by his son brought tears to my eyes.



Post from Jean Claude Luni aka our skiing royal on the HMS Brilliant 1980-83 facebook page

I had to read the messages and threads to understand the news and still dont.

Dave - Legend So sad to hear of your passsing. Condolences to family and friends. Lost for words.




Reg Briers

The original rat pack with Doc Jolly as a guest

Keeping the crew together for 25 years (for family members who dont know Reg by sight he is the good looking chap on the right)

Post from Jimmy Green on the HMS Brilliant 1980-83 facebook page.

It is with a heavy heart that I write this post. I have been informed that CPO Reg Briers has crossed the bar whilst on holiday in Hawai

Your laughter will be missed Reg RIP shipmate

Reply from Terry Sully

Sad news my memories of Reg and I meeting in the after passage putting the world to rights most days during the conflict, will stay with me forever, rest easy shipmate.

Jan Sully

Reply from Chris Latham

A true gent and one of the nicest, most helpful and genuine people I've ever worked with. Also, he was the man responsible for encourageing me to come to the Brilliant Reunions and bringing me back into the fold. Thank you Reg Rest easy shipmate.


Dave on the left enjoying a swift pint at the Livermead




Dave Pate killick jack dusty on board has sadly died a great bloke who was a regular at our reunions.

Ships Plymouth,Dido,Pheobe,Triumph,Brilliant,Beaver

Service years 1966-1990

His funeral was attended by a good number of shipmates freinds and family on the 29th of January 2016 at Western Mill Plymouth.

Dave Swift

A true shipmate one of a kind. Sorry cant make the 29th will raise a glass to his memory at the going down of the Sun



Jim died suddenly on the 1st of September 2014 from a heart attack. Thank you Jean for sending us this photograph.

He was a well liked and respected shipmate

Jim Linden FCWEA in charge of the WE Dept




Ladies and Gentlemen

It is with great regret I have to announce the extremely short notice and sad departure of Leading Seaman Tex Marshall. A family friend of mine and many others Tex was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer (oesophagus) in June (2013) but sadly suffered a stroke shortly after and passed away on Thursday 25 July.

"It is with great regret we have to report the sad loss of Terry Bryant (ex AB(RP)) who unfortunately sufferred a heart attack and left us last Friday 3 Oct 2008. Terry joined the ship on her return from the Falklands in 1982. He was medically discharged from the RN later when diagnosed with cancer. He leaves behind a partner and 4 small children. His funeral will be held at The Basingstoke Crematorium on Friday the 17th October 2008 at 2pm. A small delegation will represent the ship and a wreath will be laid in honour of a lost shipmate.

Terry joined the BRILLIANT after the Falklands Conflict, his easy going and approachable demeanour enabled him to make friends very easily. He had an infectious sense of humour, was very quick witted and he was a popular member of the ship's company. He was employed as Bosun’s Mate on the gangway keeping an eye on security and other duties required of that position. He was a keen footballer who represented the ship on many occasions at home and abroad. After leaving the BRILLIANT he unfortunately suffered from cancer of the lymph nodes and sadly had to be invalided out of the RN. He always spoke with great pride about his short but enjoyable time spent in the RN and was extremely proud to have spent time in the BRILLIANT, with its proud record of achievements from the Falklands. A very competitive person, Terry spent much time playing golf and recently achieved a very reputable handicap of 5. It is therefore extremely ironic that he should suffer a completely unexpected heart attack whilst playing golf at Liphook in October 08. Terry had fought, and we believed had beaten his cancer, but succumbed to another fatal malaise in only his early forties. Although only a comparatively short life, he enjoyed himself immensely but many will feel that he was cheated. He leaves behind his partner Denise and four young children and will be sadly missed by all.'


Sad News about Potsy whose funeral was at the Worthing Crematorium on the 7th of December

With thanks to Steve Gripton for sending in some photographs.

If anyone has some dits of happier times please send them in.